Thursday, March 19, 2015


This website started with a simple question:  What should I do with all of the pictures I took while in Egypt?  The plan had always been to put them on the internet in some format, even as I was taking them.  This was before the era of blogs, but even then I knew I was doing something that I wanted to share.

I spent a month in Egypt in May/June, 1997, as part of a summer study course on the development of religious thought in the Mediterranean region.  My interests originally revolved around the roots of Judeo-Christian religious ideas, and how deeply these roots reached into Ancient Egypt.  While I still think there is some fertile ground to be explored in this line of pursuit, my interests shifted into more general directions, and so the original web project was postponed.

So 1000+ pictures languished while life went on.  Every now and again I would come across a few that had found their way out of their boxes, or I might be cleaning the dust off of the frame of one of my favorites that actually made it to the wall, and a pang of guilt would surface.  I really need to do something with these.

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