Thursday, March 19, 2015

Video Interview: John Anthony West on Alternative Egypt

Earlier this year, I linked to the Conscious Media Network where you can find a lot of video interviews on consciousness, enlightenment and human potential.
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Now, Conscious Media Network has new interesting video interviews added for December:

First check out the interview with alternative Egyptologist John Anthony West, best known for his theory that the Sphinx was constructed much earlier than as claimed by academia.

JohnAnthony West: Alternative Egypt (Running time = 31 mins)

 Conscious Media Network has also interviewed:

DavidIcke on our Future Paradigm (Running time 30 mins).
David gives us insight into his new direction and how he believes we will be operating as a collective species. Essentially, he says that freedom of information brings us paradise. Suppresion of information brings us captivity. Creating a collective consciousness through truthful information will be the route to creating the new matrix, one that is optimistic, life affirming and joyful.

Matthew and TercesEngelhart on Café Gratitude (Running Time = 60 mins)
Café Gratitude (now in several locations) is the love child of Matthew and Terces and is the culmination of a lifetime of conscious living. It is their expression of a world of plenty. Food and people are a celebration of their aliveness and they select the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and their customers, as they believe that we are all one and the same.

Dr. ManjirSamanta-Laughton on Punk Science (Running Time = 40 mins)
Punk Science charts the current revolution in science that is arising from rebels around the world and gaining ground. This brave new world is not one devoid of meaning or thought, but one alive with consciousness, where we dance in a field of light imbued with the mind of God. This is not a book of dogmatic religion. Punk Science stays firmly in the domain of logic and of science to demonstrate how the separate fields of science and spirituality are starting to look incredibly similar.

There are more than 100 episodes to see, if you scroll down the site! E.g. Alex Grey on Art and Consciousness, Robert Schoch on the Pyramids, David Icke on The Illuminati, and much more.

Visit Conscious MediaNetwork by Regina & Scott Meredith.
It's well worth take the time to browse around ...

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