Thursday, March 19, 2015


This unique and climatic terrain may be used in Warhammer Tomb Kings and other games with similar scale of miniatures. To building this rich of attractive parts terrain was used materials as follow:
Basis construction:
  • 4MM PCV plate
  • 5MM styrofoam
main wall, 3 lateral walls , tomb, 4 big columns on bases, gate, 2 mummies – all elements from resin, Grendel  productions;
  • 4 guards statues , 2 vases  from resin, our production;
  • Casket of Souls from Games Workshop;
  • throne with mummy, 2 urns  from Reaper Miniatures;
  • 4 bushes and creepers from Games Workshop;
  • grass from MiniNatur;
Whole became painted with acrylic paints : Army Painter, P3, Vallejo and protect with mat varnish.
inches : 12,8 x 24 x 9,2 (width x length x high)
centimeters : 32 x 60 x 23 (width x length x high)

Movable elements:
Top ritual terrace with 4 guards statues you can handle as separate terrain. Besides Casket of Souls, throne with mummy and tomb are movable elements too.

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