Thursday, March 19, 2015


Sutekh gave his chilling laugh. ‘Your evil is my good, Doctor. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread I leave nothing but dust and darkness. That I find good.’

For many thousands of years SUTEKH had waited... trapped in the heart of an Egyptian Pyramid. Now at last the time had come - the moment of release, when all the force of his pent-up evil and malice would be unleashed upon the world...

The TARDIS lands on the site of UNIT headquarters in the year 1911, and the Doctor and Sarah emerge to fight a terrifying and deadly battle... against Egyptian Mummies, half-possessed humans - and the overwhelming evil power of SUTEKH!
ISBN 0 426 11666 6

Based on the BBC television serial by Stephen Harris by arrangement with the British Broadcasting Corporation

The Space/Time tunnel appeared. The Doctor stepped into it and was whirled away, spinning off into the depths of infinity. His senses blurred and he lost consciousness...

So small and inconspicuous was the cardboard box that it took Marcus a moment or two to find it. He saw it at last, and ordered one of the Servicer robots forward. Stiffly it began walking up the ramp.

The Doctor recovered consciousness with a jolt, and found himself standing in the antechamber of an Egyptian tomb. A tapestry-covered doorway lay just before him. The Doctor reached out and moved the tapestry aside. It smouldered as he touched it, and he snatched back his hand. He paused for a moment, then bracing himself, stepped through the doorway.

He found himself in a dark, cave-like chamber. The Doctor had a quick impression of monitor screens and some kind of advanced computer. Dominating the chamber was the figure of Sutekh himself. He sat on a raised throne, a robed, masked figure, staring intently into a monitor. The screen showed a wavering picture of the pyramid-shaped missile, far away in England.

The Doctor drew a deep breath. Then he spoke, his voice deliberately loud and resonant. ‘Greetings, Sutekh, last of the Osirians’

Slowly Sutekh turned his head, his concentration momentarily broken...

On the missile ramp the Mummy bent to pick up the box... There was the sudden roar of an explosion. Mummy and missile disappeared in a sheet of flame.

Sutekh’s head swung back to the monitor screen. Appalled, he watched the destruction of the missile that represented his only chance of freedom. The masked head turned slowly to the Doctor and a blaze of fierce green light burned from its eyes. As the light struck him, the Doctor was transfixed, helpless, writhing in agony...

For a long moment Sutekh watched the Doctor’s suffering. Then the glow faded from his eyes, and he spoke in a voice of restrained fury. ‘No... you shall not die yet. Death would be too easy. Identify yourself.’

The Doctor’s voice was scarcely more than a painful whisper. ‘Destroy me, Sutekh. Enjoy your revenge. Nothing else is left within your power.’

‘Identify yourself!’ Sutekh’s eyes glowed once more, and again the Doctor writhed in agony. ‘It is in my power to choose the manner of your death,’ said the hateful voice. ‘I can if I choose, keep you alive for centuries, wracked by the most excruciating pain. Since it is your interference that has condemned me to remain for ever prisoner of the Eye of Horus, that would be a fitting end for you. You might make an amusing diversion.’ The green light died down. ‘Identify yourself—plaything of Sutekh,’ said the voice contemptuously.

The Doctor gasped weakly. ‘I am a... traveller...’

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