Thursday, March 19, 2015

Moebius (Stargate SG-1) Part II

Plan of the Rebellion against RA.

Part 2
The scientists working on the recovered Alternate-Puddle Jumper cannot make it work because they don't have the ATA gene. Alternate-O'Neill is called in to operate the Jumper and lead the team through the Stargate to find Alternate-Teal'c, and agrees that Alternate-Daniel and Alternate-Carter are to join the team through the Stargate.

On Chulak, SG-1 are caught by Jaffa loyal to Apophis and imprisoned. Alternate-Teal'c defects to their cause and helps them escape but Alternate-Daniel is infected by a Goa'uld and killed by Teal'c. They escape in the Puddle Jumper, but are chased and damaged by Death Gliders. Unaware of the jumper's cloaking capacity, they believe that only way they can survive is to time-travel. They travel back to 3000 B.C. and use the Stargate to pass from Chulak to Ancient Egypt where the original versions of SG-1 were stranded and where Ra is still alive and ruling.

The original SG-1 attempted the rebellion because O'Neill and Teal'c didn't want to stay and O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c were killed when it failed. Daniel, the only survivor, meets with Alternate-Carter, Alternate-O'Neill and Alternate-Teal'c. He has not yet made the tablet detailing the second successful rebellion attempt because it hasn't happened yet. This means that his current plans with the underground of the local populace are destined to succeed, however they lead to the Stargate being removed from Earth by Ra. The plan is to instigate the rebellion, thus diverting Ra's attention, and secure the Stargate to where it was originally buried, allowing the original timeline to evolve as it did.

The rebellion ultimately succeeds, but not before Alternate-Carter and Alternate-O'Neill consummate their feelings for each other while under fire, uncertain if they will survive. Ra's Jaffa surrender, outnumbered by the staff- and zat-armed Egyptians. The alternate SG-1 bury the videotape, along with the ZPM, for the SG-1 of the future to find. The Alternate-SG-1 and Daniel from the original SG-1 (of 3000 BC) live out the rest of their lives in Ancient Egypt.

The original SG-1 of the present day receive the videotape and the ZPM left for them a few weeks before they were to go back in time. As the timeline has been restored, they have no reason to go back in time, and they've gained a ZPM free of charge. The episode ends with SG-1 at O'Neill's cabin, fishing, in a scene identical to the end of "Threads", except there are now fish in Jack's pond.

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