Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1920s/30s pyramid exploring?

There's a LOT of Call Of Cthulhu scenarios based in Egypt:
- The Cairo Guidebook: The Lure of the Nile
- 'The Age of Cthulhu' - "Death in Luxor", can't vouch for it as a scenario as haven't played it.
- The Egypt sections of 'Masks of Nyarlathotep' & 'Curse of Cthulhu'
- 'The Day of the Beast' in another COC book I've forgotten.
- 'Five Go Mad in Egypt' PDF/monologue from Chaosium, can't vouch for it as a scenario as haven't played it.

Desert of Desolation AD&D


Empire of the Black Pharaoh Savage Worlds 2


Curse of the Chthonians 


Pulp Egypt: Adventures Along the Nile, 1933-1939

Egypt: land of mystery and adventure. Here diligent archaeologists struggle to unearth Egypt’s great secrets without accidentally unleashing some of its deadliest curses. Tomb robbers plunder ancient treasures for their own profit. Spies work covertly to thwart enemy operations as the world plunges steadily toward war. Secret cults pursue their own agendas to preserve their country’s past and resurrect its former glory. The land once ruled by powerful pharaohs now languishes under the rule of dominant British administrators, merciless crime syndicates, devious spies, and darker forces manipulating the course of history.
This is the time for gritty adventure in a land where ancient ruins overlook squalid cities, peasant farmers mingle with wealthy Westerners, and global politics brush against religious nationalism. Everyone has their own selfish agenda. Everyone has their price.
This 176-page sourcebook contains material gamemasters can use to create pulp adventures in Egypt: general travel information, campaign themes, locations, gamemaster characters, and scenario ideas. Inside you’ll find: 
  • A “Visitors Guide to Egypt” suitable for orienting gamemasters and familiarizing players with common knowledge of the setting.
  • A chapter filled with Egyptian exotica, all the mysterious places, supernatural occurrences, magical artifacts, and mythical beasts abounding with adventure ideas.
  • A chapter for running each of three kinds of themed campaigns in Egypt – archaeology, espionage, and criminal – including a full campaign outline for each.
  • Appendices detailing suitable character archetypes for pulp Egyptian campaigns, a random artifact generator system, and a list of book, film, and music resources to enhance your game.

This pulp-era sourcebook uses the Any-System Key to describe stats and difficulties in easily defined terms gamers can quickly customize to their favorite game engines. To use the information in this roleplaying game supplement you’ll need a copy of the Any-System Key (included) and your favorite roleplaying game system.


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