Monday, April 13, 2015


A father and daughter lead an archaeological team on an expedition to uncover a cursed Egyptian tomb.

After examining a scarab beetle idol kept in his pocket, Professor Tralane coughs up stones that emit a sandstorm upon hitting the ground. The sandstorm then engulfs Tralane. 

Archaeologist Maggie Tralane greets her father when he arrives at her base of operations. She introduces him to her dig team that consists of Veronica Corbeck, Sara Winchester, Geri Grant, and Kelly Canaday. Christine Day joins the group later.

Government guide Mr. Madu interrupts a father-daughter bonding moment to announce that he will not escort them into the Valley of the Sorcerer as planned and that Tralane’s permit is being revoked due to the evil reportedly lurking in the valley. Afterwards, Tralane recites an incantation and Madu is killed while driving home.

Maggie and Tralane contract a group of Arab guides to escort them to the tomb of Anankotep. While Tralane and the girls investigate the tomb’s interior, the Arab guides are killed by a Libyan border patrol. The dig team decides to hide in the tomb for safety and becomes trapped inside.

Tralane and Sara find a small passageway and investigate the connected hidden chamber on their own. Maggie and Ronnie go after them while the other three girls stay behind. Tralane uncovers the sarcophagus of Anankotep and opens it.

After smoking some of Christine’s pot, Kelly sees a vision of an Anubis-like figure forming from black smoke before being buried alive. Maggie and Ronnie leave Tralane and Sara in the burial chamber while they race towards the sound of Kelly’s screams. The girls resolve to leave after discovering that Kelly is dead.

When they go back for Tralane and Sara, the girls discover that the passageway has been sealed and they begin breaking down the barrier with their hammers. When Ronnie finds the professor, he turns around to reveal that he has morphed into a mummy. He breathes a mist into Ronnie that knocks her unconscious.

Ronnie recovers and the other girls agree to look for a secret exit. Tralane performs a ritual and Geri dies after coughing up blood. Caught in a trance, Sara dies after being supernaturally wrapped in burial bandages.

The other girls finally find a way out of the tomb. Christine stays outside when Maggie and Ronnie decide to go back for Tralane. Ronnie falls into a trap and is buried alive in falling sand. Christine is mysteriously transported back inside the chamber and the mummy sucks her soul into its body.

Maggie reunites with her father, but she becomes possessed when the professor recites another spell. Ronnie is mysteriously transported into the chamber with Maggie as Tralane continues his ritual. Maggie then stabs Ronnie in her head and the blood drips down to Anankotep’s sarcophagus. Their eyes blackened from possession, Tralane opens a secret panel and steps outside with his daughter.

Tralane dematerializes into dust as Maggie walks away.


Well, if you happen to be that type of indiscriminate viewer who overlooks a script only doing the bare minimum to constitute a plot, who forgives poorly conceived visual FX because the animators had limited resources, and who gives the director credit simply for producing a completed film, then maybe you will find “The Mummy Resurrected” to be tolerable.  But if you demand at least some modicum of relative quality no matter the budget, scope, or production’s backstory, then you will have a hard time mustering any respect for a movie that refuses to respect you back.


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